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Double Story House Design: Stylish & Functional Plans

Optimised Double Story House Plans

two story house plans australia

Double-story house plans are the foundation of any successful design. They specify how rooms should flow and interact and create the lifestyle our clients want. Our architects at Pillar Build approach every project differently because we recognise that no two families or people have the same demands. Our two-storey house plans accommodate all your needs, whether you’re looking for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor rooms or a thoughtful mix of private and shared spaces.

The following are some of the main elements we incorporate into our double-storey house plans: 

Open-concept living: Promotes connectivity and communication among family members while giving the space a light and airy atmosphere.

Private Zones: Make sure that parents and kids have a place to retreat when they need to work or relax.

Outdoor Spaces: Well-planned outdoor areas, balconies, and terraces to enjoy Sydney’s beautiful weather. 

Efficient Layouts: Shorten transit times between rooms and prioritise those used frequently.

Modern Double Story House Design Essentials

The goal of modern double-story house design is to combine visual appeal. We aim to add contemporary touches while keeping the spirit of classic building. Our staff at Pillar Build makes sure your two-story home is both functional and in line with current trends.

Essential components of a modern double-story house design abre:  

Materials: Long-lasting and low-impact on the environment materials.

Natural Lighting: Skylights and large windows let in an abundance of natural light, which conserves energy and promotes wellbeing within your home.

Smart Home Integration: Using technology improves the safety and comfort of your house, from lighting to security.

Minimalist Interiors: Clean lines, calming colours, and thoughtful furniture create luxury.

Pillar Build: Building Double Story Houses That Inspire

two storey house plan

In the Sydney construction sector, Pillar Build is a well-known brand because of our dedication to excellence and attention to detail. From planning to construction, we walk our clients through every stage, making sure that our double-storey house plans and designs reflect their goals.

Collaboration: To better understand your preferences and issues, we begin with in-depth meetings.

Customisation: Your design is completely one-of-a-kind and customised to your family’s requirements and lifestyle.

Expert Execution: Our experienced workers guarantee that every component of your two-story home is built precisely.

Double Story House Construction: Quality Meets Precision

The process of turning a well-thought-out blueprint into a finished two-story home requires careful preparation, skilful execution, and dedication. At Pillar Build, we think the building stage is where your vision becomes a reality, bringing imaginative ideas to life and creating a unique structure. Our two-story home-building method ensures your home is firm, beautiful, and functional.

1. Site Preparation and Foundation:

2. Structural Framing:

Our skilled workers and engineers construct the structural framework from premium materials. This framework, which has been carefully constructed to handle load-bearing walls, several floors, and roofing structures, serves as the framework for your two-story home. Using modern engineering methods, we improve efficiency and durability.

3. Roofing and Exterior:

After the structural framing is finished, our crew works on installing the external walls and roof. We use advanced roofing materials that are thermally efficient and weather resistant, guaranteeing that the structure of your double-story home will withstand the extreme weather patterns of Sydney. To finish off exterior walls and give them a sleek, firm appearance, roofing, painting, or brickwork are used.

4. Plumbing, Electrical, and Insulation:

Your home’s interior systems—such as the electrical, plumbing, and insulation wiring—follow to ensure smooth utility connections. Our skilled electricians and plumbers optimise energy efficiency while applying to the most recent building requirements. Insulation is installed to minimise noise transmission, lower energy costs, and improve comfort.

5. Interior Finishes and Detailing:

We focus on the internal details as the framework begins to take shape. This phase involves installing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and painting the walls. We place a high priority on construction and design, making sure that your double-story home is a perfect reflection of your tastes and style. Together, our staff and you will decide on the ideal colour schemes, textiles, and fittings.

6. Quality Checks and Final Walkthrough:

We carry out a thorough quality check to make sure every part of the construction satisfies the highest requirements before giving you the keys. We check the finishes, utilities, and structural soundness. Lastly, we show you around the finished house, going over the essential details and making sure you’re happy with the outcome.

Experience Precision for Your Double Story House with Pillar Build


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