bathroom flooring and resurfacing by Pillar Build

Premium Bathroom Resurfacing and Flooring by Pillar Build

Importance of Bathroom Flooring

Another critical component of the bathroom space is the type of floor you designate. This takes into consideration aspects such as the fact that the material must cope with high levels of moisture, traffic, and occasional spillage while, at the same time, being visually appealing. Proper choice of the floor can give a new appearance, improve the bathroom design, and make it as cozy as needed.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Having baths and showers in the bathroom, people prefer to lay ceramic and porcelain tiles on the bathroom floor because of many advantages, including the variety of the offered designs. You will find them in a variety of colors, designs, and feel, which will enable you to find a perfect bathroom ensemble.

vinyl bathroom flooring by Pillar Build Sydney

Vinyl Flooring

Another perfect option for the completion of bathroom floor covering is the Vinyl floor. It is highly waterproof which makes it durable, cheap and can easily be installed. It is available in sheet, tiles or planks and it can be produced to look like stone or wood which are expensive types of flooring.

Natural Stone flooring for Bathroom in Sydney by Pillar Build

Natural Stone

It makes use of natural flooring such as marines, grannies, or slates which is more elegant and has classic nature. Although it is slightly more costly and has to be periodically sealed to preserve the designs, the textures and reliability of the natural stone qualify it for any luxurious washroom facility.

Laminate Bathroom flooring in Sydney by Pillar Build

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floorings are cheap and can mimic originality of wooden floorings as well as the stones. It is quite simple to fit and to look after; nevertheless, one has to ensure that the laminate chosen is water-resistant especially for bathroom use because of its propensity to swell when in contact with water.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring


Durability and Longevity

Different types of bathroom flooring need not be frequently replaced, thus the right one is the one that can endure constant use for years. Specifically some of the materials such as ceramic tiles and natural stones are very hard wearing, especially giving lasting value to the money that you will spend.


Water Resistance

Bathrooms are usually wet areas due to regular use of water; therefore, the flooring material used ought to be waterproof. Some floorings like ceramic tiles, vinyl, and some laminates are made for use in wet areas, thus they do not get ruined or encourage mold formation.


Easy Maintenance

Bathroom flooring should be smooth and stain resistant so that they can easily be cleaned. Most common flooring such as ceramic tiles and vinyl can easily be cleaned, and the natural stone sometimes need to be resealed but they are not hard to maintain.

Maintenance Tips for Bathroom Flooring

Regular Cleaning

The flooring in the bathroom needs proper care and cleaning for easier washing and to avoid having to reopens for damages caused by lack of proper hygiene. Dusting/ sweeping at least once a day or vacuuming as often as possible and mopping with a cleaner that is safe for floors.

Preventative Measures

Purchase protective accessories such as place mats and rugs for any areas of the house with intense traffic, or areas close to the bathroom where splashes are likely to occur around the shower or bathtub area. Bathrooms should be well aired to reduce the amount of moisture content that forms in the room hence avoiding the formation of mold.

Sealing and Repairs

In natural stone, and some tile products, it is advisable to seal the surface every now and then in order to prevent it from getting stained, or penetrated by moisture. Fix as soon as you notice any cracks or damage on the floor to avoid worsening and compromise the flooring.

Why Choose Pillar Build for Your Bathroom Flooring Needs?

Expertise and Experience

Pillar Build has been in business for years offering excellent construction services in Sydney. Our crew of experienced specialists knows all the current trends in bathroom flooring, thus guaranteeing you will get the service of the highest quality.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Depending on the bathroom design type and requirement, we only infuse the best material that provides durability to the bathroom flooring. We make sure to install your bathroom floor with an assemblage of professionalism, neatness, and quality in work delivery as we aim to make it durable and luxurious.

Customer Satisfaction

In Pillar Build, customers’ satisfaction stand as our principle business goal. At Pillar Build, we ensure that from the time you consult with us right until you get your desired floor in your bathroom, we give you the best.

What is Bathroom Resurfacing?

Bathroom resurfacing can also be referred to as bathroom refinishing or reglazing. This is a process that involves the use of a new coat on bathroom fixtures like bathtubs, sinks, and tiles, among others. It may give the bathroom a new facelift by revitalising a surface and giving it a new look or painting it to the desired colour. In comparison to other sorts of renovation services, resurfacing is not very invasive and is less expensive in terms of cost as well as time.

Luxurious Bathroom resurfacing Sydney by Pillar Build

The Bathroom Resurfacing Process

Assessment and Preparation

The initial procedure in resurfacing is a comprehensive evaluation of your bathroom. There is nothing special that you need to do to prepare for resurfacing, but Pillar Build’s specialists will assess the mounted fixtures and existing surface in order to come up with the most suitable way of resurfacing it.

Cleaning and Sanding

Subsequently, they wash the resurfacing areas to remove debris and rough the surface so that the new layer will adhere easily. This step is important to clean the surface of all contaminants. Pillar Build employs suitable superior quality and cleaning materials for the preparation process.

Application of Resurfacing Coating

After the surfaces are ready, a unique resurfacing layer is applied and it comes in a specially designed shade of the color. This coat will cover the existing surfaces well and adhere well to the surface for a tough and good-looking coat. For that reason, at Pillar Build, many colors and finishes of the bathroom are available.

Curing and Final Inspection

Then, there is the curing period of the resurfacing coating. The process normally lasts 24 to 48 hours, depending on the products used. In a similar manner, as soon as blocking is complete and the coating fully cured, Pillar Build performs an assessment to check on the quality and the extent of the work done.

Why Choose Pillar Build for Bathroom Resurfacing?

Our company, Pillar Build has great years of experience in construction and thus, is in a good position to provide quality bathroom resurfacing. The company has a pool of experienced personnel who focus on quality work delivery and excellent customer relations.

Expertise and Experience
Quality Materials and Techniques
Customer Satisfaction
Affordable Pricing
Bathroom Resurfacing by Pillar Build in Sydney

Final Thoughts

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, it is useful to remember that the resurfacing of bathroom walls and flooring is as important as the rest of the components of the bath niche. If the right materials are used and a good construction company is engaged, such as Pillar Build, your bathroom can be not only aesthetic but functional, as well. To find out more about Pillar Build services and how we can make your bathroom outstanding, get in touch with us. Our team consists of skilled professionals who take a personal approach to every project; thus, you can rely on us to help your bathroom shine.

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