Top Money-Saving Tips To Extend Your House On A Budget!

Top Money-Saving Tips To Extend Your House On A Budget!


Home extensions are hardly ever affordable. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice your dream home or go for the cheap option. With a few careful steps and proper budgeting, you can save a good amount of bucks on your home extension projects. 

Do you want to know what those steps might be? Well, continue reading to find some helpful money-saving tips in the following section! 

How To Extend Your Home On A Budget? A Few Tips From The Pros! 

Preparing a good budget and staying on it can be challenging. But when you have the support of a reliable renovator and an excellent plan, you will have much less room for going over your budget.

Here are some tips to help some bucks on your home extension: 

1. Single Storey Vs. Second Storey 

Many people avoid building second storey extensions, thinking ground floor extensions will cost less. However, that’s not always true. Your second storey building would not require expensive foundations or concrete slabs. But the ground floor extension can require additional excavation work. So, be sure to give your extension plans more thought.

2. Keep The Designs Straight Forward 

If your house extension plan includes more curves and a complex layout, it will cost you more. Building clear lines and simple shapes can be much more cost-effective. Of course, you don’t have to settle for anything boring. But communicating with your builders and keeping the layout simple can help you save some bucks. 

3. Count In The Extras 

Extending your house is not only about the design, the materials or the builder. It is also a lot about rubbish removal, approvals, permits and other paperwork. While these tasks may not cost much, many homeowners often forget them to add to their total cost. So, make sure all the permits are in order to avoid charges.

Keeping your interior and exterior materials the same can also help you reduce some of your home extension costs. So, are you ready to plan your home extension project? Do you need any assistance with your planning? If your answer is yes, feel free to reach our experts to sort out your queries. 

And for more clever tips like this, stay tuned! 

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