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House renovation costs Sydney

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in Sydney, Australia? A Comprehensive Guide

house renovation costs in Sydney:

Approximately half of all complete house renovations in Australia are graced with a price range spanning from $40,000 to $300,000. The final cost varies based on the size of the home and the extent of the renovation, but a significant majority of these remarkable projects typically carry an average rate of around $50-$55 per hour.

However, there are many variables that have a big impact on the cost of house improvement, a lot of which are out of your control. Location is clearly a key factor in determining renovation expenses. In Australia, there are significant variations in the costs involved in home renovations between states and localities. While the average cost for a full house renovation in Australia is $63,500, expenses are highest in Victoria, where they average $71,000, and lowest in Western Australia, where they average $54,377.

house renovation costs Sydney

Home Renovation Cost Breakdown: Most Expensive States

  • State         Average Renovation Costs ($)
  • Victoria    71,000
  • New South Wales    66,600
  • Queensland     60,500
  • Australian Capital Territory    60,000

Numerous additional considerations, in addition to location, have a big impact on how much restoration will ultimately cost. The main factor is the kind of renovation you want to do, specifically whether it will be cosmetic or structural.

In contrast to replacing or eliminating existing components of a home, cosmetic renovations focus on improving them. These improvements frequently involve chores like painting, replacing furniture, updating fixtures and fittings, making little repairs, and laying new flooring over the old. They are frequently do-it-yourself projects and are generally thought to be more economical.

On the other hand, structural renovations entail significant remodeling tasks that typically call for a contractor’s skills. Rewiring, re-plumbing, building expansions, and converting spaces are a few examples of structural modifications. While more time-consuming and expensive, structural renovations can considerably raise your home’s worth.

A structural home renovation project raises the initial value of the house by 10% on average. Less than 2% of the home’s value should typically be set aside for renovations in order to maximize returns. Given that the Australian average house price recently surpassed $1 million, $20,000 would be an acceptable budget for a typical project like remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

Renovations are frequently divided into three categories: minor, moderate, and comprehensive. The price of a renovation can vary depending on the room. For instance, due to their high traffic volume, kitchens typically cost the most to refurbish, whilst bedrooms generally are the least expensive. Due to the requirement for special amenities and waterproofing, bathrooms can incur large costs.



house renovation costs Sydney Australia


Actively taking part in the renovation process might be advantageous when trying to cut costs. To know how to achieve them, clearly state your targeted goals and do extensive study. It is wise to get estimates from several different contractors. Early on, set up a budget, and follow it. If at all practicable and secure, think about DIY methods. Additionally, allowing enough time for the renovation is essential to prevent going over budget and becoming overly stressed.

Getting a Free Estimate: Pillar Build provides a free estimate service to help you get started on your renovation project. You can use this beneficial opportunity to learn the anticipated expenses and viability of your project before committing. Simply get in touch with Pillar Build, and their team of professionals will evaluate your demands and give you a precise price that is suited to your particular renovation requirements. You will be better able to organize your renovation journey and make informed decisions with the help of this information.

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