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Affordable Low Cost 2 Bedroom House Plan – Pillar Build

Why Choose a 2 Bedroom House Plan?

Choosing a 2 bedroom house plan makes sense for several reasons. First, it’s perfect for singles, couples, or small families looking for a comfortable yet manageable living area. Second, it’s an ideal option for people on a tight budget because a smaller footprint frequently translates into lower constructing expenses. A two-bedroom house can also be an excellent investment because it can be used as a guest house or generate rental income.

Planning Your Low Cost 2 Bedroom House

Assess Your Needs and Budget

Before getting into the planning phase, it’s essential to assess your specific needs and budget. Consider elements including your family’s size, lifestyle choices, and any plans for future growth. Our team of professionals at Pillar Build will collaborate with you to learn about your needs and create an affordable, high-quality strategy.

Choosing the Right Layout

2 bedroom house layout

The layout of your home significantly impacts its functionality and cost. A well-designed 2 bedroom house plan should maximize space and offer efficient flow between rooms. Key elements to consider include:

Open Floor Plan: It can be less expensive to build and give the impression of room when the living, dining, and kitchen areas are combined into one large area. The project’s overall cost can be decreased by using this design instead of adding more walls and doors.

Compact Bedrooms: Make sure the bedrooms are comfortable without being overly spacious, which can increase expenses. Every bedroom should have enough area for a bed, a modest wardrobe, and a nightstand without being unnecessarily large.

Utilizing Vertical Space: Built-in storage and high ceilings can provide the impression of larger, more valuable spaces in smaller areas. Optimising the utilisation of existing space can be achieved by incorporating elements such as multipurpose furniture, wall-mounted cabinets, and lofted storage.

Essential Features of a Two-House Plan

When designing a low-cost two-bedroom home, give top priority to the necessary elements that improve living comfort:

EnergyEfficient Windows:
Energy efficient windows may be more expensive initially, but over time, they save utility costs by increasing insulation and lowering the demand for heating and cooling.

Simple Roofing Design: To cut expenses, choose a simple roof style like a hip or gable roof. Simple roofing structures are less expensive and more straightforward to build and maintain.

Durable Materials: Invest in long-lasting and lowmaintenance materials for the exterior and interior finishes to prevent frequent repairs and replacements. The cost and durability of materials like laminate flooring, vinyl siding, and composite roofing are well-balanced.

Planning for Future Expansion

Although your present goal is to build a two-bedroom house, it’s a good idea to consider possible future additions. If your needs change, consider creating your home so simple modifications like an additional bedroom or a larger living area can be made. Long-term, this foresight can save you hassle and money.

Construction Phase: Bringing Your Plan to Life

Once your plan is finalised, the construction phase begins. Here’s what to expect during the construction of your low cost 2 bedroom house:

Site Preparation and Foundation

The initial stage of building is site preparation. This includes preparing the foundation, levelling the area, and clearing it. Your home’s durability and stability depend on having a strong foundation. Depending on the soil conditions and your budget, you can choose from a variety of foundation styles, such as slab-on-grade, crawl space, or a full basement. Slab-on-grade foundations work well in level areas and are usually the most economical choice.

Framing and Roofing

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

The electrical and plumbing systems are then installed. Carefully placing these systems and using efficient planning techniques can considerably decrease labour and material expenses. For instance, placing kitchens and baths adjacent to one another might reduce the amount of pipe and wiring required. Long-term expenses can be further decreased by utilising appliances and fixtures that use less energy.

Insulation and Drywall

Reducing energy costs and preserving a suitable interior temperature depends on proper insulation. Several types of insulation materials are available, and our staff at Pillar Build will assist you in selecting the most economical one. Spray foam, rigid foam boards, and fibreglass batts are typical possibilities. The internal walls and ceilings are constructed using drywall once the insulation is installed. For a smooth, polished appearance, proper drywall installation is required.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

The last step is applying the exterior and interior finishes. Painting, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures are all included in this. If you’re on a tight budget, consider going with reasonably priced yet sturdy materials like laminate flooring, simple cabinets, and standard fittings. Pillar Build ensures your home looks fantastic without breaking the budget by sourcing premium materials at competitive pricing. Fibre cement boards and vinyl siding are examples of exterior finishes that are reasonably priced while providing durability.

Interior Design Tips for a Low Cost 2 Bedroom House

Once the construction is complete, it’s time to focus on the interior design. Here are some tips to make your two-bedroom house feel cozy and stylish without overspending:

Neutral Color Palette: Use neutral colors for walls and large furniture pieces to create a timeless look that can easily be updated with accessories.

Multifunctional Furniture: Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed or a dining table with built-in storage.

DIY Decor: Decorate your environment with your artwork. You can save money by making your artwork or refinishing old furniture to give your house a unique look.

Achieving Your Dream Home with Pillar Build


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